Spectrum’s Strategic Income Fund (SSIF) is an actively managed fund that has consistently generated returns in the top quartile of its peer group. Negative returns are rare and Spectrum has made distributions from its funds in every quarter since their inception in 2002. Download SSIF unit price history.

Performance (after fees) – Periods to 30 June 2017
  1mth 3mth 6mth 1yr 3yr 5yr 10yr Inception1
Spectrum2 0.27% 1.04% 2.89% 5.03% 4.76% 7.39% - 8.90%
Index3 0.125% 0.38% 0.75% 1.52% 1.94% 2.30% - 2.74%
1. The inception date of the Spectrum Strategic Income Fund (previously called EQT Spectrum Credit Opportunities Fund) is 31 May 2009. 2. The Spectrum return is the total net return of the Spectrum Strategic Income Fund after the deduction of ongoing fees and expenses assuming the reinvestment of all distributions. Source: EQT and RBA. All returns are shown to two decimal places. Returns for more than one year are annualised. Total returns include realised and unrealised gains and losses plus income and are time weighted rates of return that adjust for external cash flows. Valuations are computed and performance reported in Australian dollars. 3. Index for comparison is the RBA Official Rate.

For further information, please refer to our latest Factsheet 2017 Factsheet June.

Morningstar Rating for Spectrum Strategic Income Fund

Morningstar Ratings,  as of 31 May 2017

OVERALL       ★★★★★

3 Year              ★★★★

5 Year              ★★★★★

Click here to read the full Morningstar Fund Report.

SQM Research Rating for Spectrum Strategic Income Fund

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Spectrum’s Strategic Income Fund has a 4 star ‘Superior Investment Grade’ rating by SQM Research.  Click here to read the full SQM Research Fund Report.

Spectrum Strategic Income Fund Comparison with Cash and Benchmarks

As of 31 July 2017